For Portland Public Schools Zone 2


I believe in public education. As a public school graduate and classroom volunteer with kids of my own at PPS, I see how public schools can launch students into rewarding lives. But, we are failing too many of our children. It’s time we step up. It’s time we do more for our kids. It’s time we make sure every child succeeds.


I care about all our young people having the best learning environments possible. I care about the environment and I believe outdoor and experiential learning is critical to our student’s development and future. I care about engaging all of Portland to push towards an education system where every child has the support they need to thrive. I care about making the world a better place and tasking those blessed with more to do more with their resources.


Portland Public Schools is failing our children. The most recent state audit revealed that PPS is not measuring up. We need to do more.

We need better oversight and stronger program evaluation. We need to put our hard-earned money into programs with demonstrated success and make sure all our students are benefiting. We mustn’t be afraid of expecting better for the more than $600 million we invest in our schools every year. I demand it.

We need to support our students learning in and outside the classroom. Oregon is breathtakingly beautiful and I am privileged to have grown up amongst the green and to share the glory of our mountains with my children. We must get students out into the world more through outdoor education and experiential learning.


I am a community member, rooted in Portland’s Public Schools. I attended four schools in the district. My kids are PPS kids. Two generations of my family worked at PPS. As a mother, I work hard to make sure my own kids can succeed in this world. I spent many hours as a parent-volunteer in the classroom, on field trips, and at PTA meetings.

As a professional, I’ve worked 30 years in our community in private, public and non-profit sectors to advance sustainability, advocating for more equitable workplaces, and increasing access to affordable housing. I believe we all have something to contribute. By working together – teachers, parents, education leaders, and community members – we can ensure that every child succeeds, and is ready for their next steps in life, be it college, trade school or meaningful work.